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Weir Built Group Bridge Construction Glen Innes

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When it comes to bridge construction in and around Glen Innes, Weir Built Group stands out as a leading provider of specialised services. With a dedicated division focused on bridge and guard/safety rail installation, we possess the expertise and equipment necessary to ensure successful project execution.


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25T, 35T and 40T Pick & Carry Cranes & 100T and 350T All Terrain Cranes

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Weir Built Group boasts an impressive fleet of equipment specifically tailored for bridge construction Glen Innes. This includes 25T, 35T and 40T Pick & Carry Cranes, as well as 100T and 350T All Terrain Cranes, capable of handling various lifting requirements with precision and efficiency. Additionally, we possess a versatile 13.5T Excavator equipped with GP and Mud Buckets, a Compaction Roller, Ripper Finger, 5 Finger Grabber, Sheet Piling Head, and a Rotary Rock Drill Rig. These specialised machines enable them to tackle the diverse aspects of bridge construction, from excavation and piling to the installation of crucial components.

To support our operations, Weir Built Group also provides essential transportation capabilities. We own a table top semi-trailer and a 30T heavy equipment low loader, ensuring the seamless movement of materials and machinery to and from project sites. This reliable logistics infrastructure allows for efficient project management and timely completion.

Bridge Construction:

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Safety and compliance are paramount in bridge construction, and Weir Built Group upholds the highest standards. We  possess comprehensive insurance coverage, including Public Liability up to $20 million, providing clients with peace of mind. Furthermore, we hold all necessary permits and certifications, including NHVR, Safework NSW, and CraneSafe Permits, ensuring strict adherence to industry regulations and best practices.

One of the key reasons to hire Weir Built Group for bridge construction around Glen Innes is our extensive experience and expertise in the field. Our dedicated bridge division focuses solely on bridge construction, allowing them to accumulate in-depth knowledge and specialised skills specific to this demanding discipline. From small-scale bridge installations to large-scale projects, We have the capability to handle diverse requirements with utmost professionalism.

Furthermore, Weir Built Group’s focus on efficient project management is a compelling reason to choose them for bridge construction. Our efficient transportation system, consisting of a flatbed semi-trailer and a heavy-duty low loader capable of carrying up to 30 tons, enables smooth movement of materials and machinery to and from construction sites. This well-coordinated approach reduces unnecessary delays, optimizes productivity, and facilitates timely project delivery.


Hiring Weir Built Group for bridge construction in Glen Innes means benefitting from our expertise, specialised equipment, unwavering commitment to safety, and efficient project management. With our track record of successful projects and dedication to delivering exceptional results, Weir Built Group is the trusted partner that ensures the seamless construction of bridges, connecting communities and driving progress forward.